AG Energies answered and won the bid ITB/CANTZ/SIR/2021/01 of CAN – Tanzania project N0 81267101 funded by the Germany Government through GIZ and implemented by CAN: ‘Enhancing the role of Solar Irrigation for Poverty Reduction near Mt. Kilimanjaro’ Project in Mkombozi, Kilimambogo, and Ngosero Village’. The contract was signed the 7th of June 2022.

Two solar irrigation systems were supplied and installed in two villages: Mkombozi and Kilimambogo villages in Hai district, Kilimanjaro region. In Kilimambogo the system includes a 10Hp AC submersible pump with head at 130m depth, an 11.7 Kw peak hybrid invertor and 36 pieces of 325Watts monocristalline PV panels. 24 000 L/hr of water is being pumped. Per day we reach 108 000L of water.

In Mkombazi, a 7.5 Hp submersible pump with head at 80m depth, a 11 Kwp hybrid invertor and 36 pieces of 325 Watts monocristalline PV panels was installed. The system is giving 24 000 L/ hr, per day we reach a maxium capacity of 108 000L of water per day. Three (3) polytanks of 5000L were installed per village and are filled in one (1) hour.

Those two pumping systems serve to irrigate 100 ha of fields for farmer groups in each village.