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AG ENERGIES is a leading EPC company that engineers, procures, and constructs solar energy projects. We're also renowned distributors of high-quality solar products and appliances, backed by our trusted warranty. Established in 2015, our registration number is 13-471-412.

We specialize in renewable energy, providing sustainable and affordable clean energy solutions that reach an extensive customer base across urban and rural Tanzania, including Zanzibar. Our expertise lies in designing, developing, and distributing market-adapted solar home systems ranging from 5 to 100 Watts, alongside customized Solar Solutions scaled from 120 Watts to meet any power need.

Our product line includes productive use appliances like solar water heaters, solar water pumps, solar streetlights, and energy-efficient television sets, fans, fridges, and freezers.

At AG Energies, we understand the critical role of energy in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, impacting 74% of the 169 SDGs. Our diverse clientele spans the Health, Agriculture/Horticulture, Education, Livelihood, and Water & Sanitation sectors, along with rural/urban Households, Corporates, Businesses (including Construction, Plumbing, and Electricians), the Tourism sector (Hotels, Safari Lodges), NGOs, Private and Public Institutions, Community groups, Consulting firms, Engineering, Agro entities, Farmers, Hospitals, Mining Companies, Religious institutions, and the hospitality industry at large.

We are committed to powering progress and ensuring that clean, efficient energy is accessible to all.

Why you should
choose us

AG Energies envisions to make clean energy a secure, renewable and resource – friendly energy supply accessible to all urban and rural areas by 2050 in Tanzania.

      • To supply affordable and efficient renewable products / projects that will contribute to a sustainable socio-economic development; promoting clean and healthy environment in Tanzania Mainland and in Zanzibar.
      • To facilitate and accelerate the Energy revolution in Tanzania, and be among the best service provider in our related field of interventions.

      AG Energies aims to provide, establish, and maintain a competitive brand of quality solar solutions and appliances in Tanzania Mainland including Zanzibar and in nearby East African countries impacting directly 200,000 people with our renewable energy systems in 3 years period with a maximum effort to satisfy customers in terms of cost saving ,using clean energy and building client’s trust .

        • Commitment to Customers - We provide efficient and effective service delivery.
        • Value for integrity - We maintain being honest and uphold strong principles of being truthful and sincere in every commitment we undertake.
        • Reliability - We believe in reliability while still be affordable.
        • Entrepreneurship - We promote socio-economic welfare through skills enhancement and community projects support.